27 Revealing Things Every Writer Should Know

Writing is a skill and skills develop with practice. However, to be truly successful as a writer, certain key things must be taken into the practice that you do. If you keep practicing the same thing without changing stuff from time to time, what happens? You get the same bad results!

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How to publish your book Online Today!

The question of how to publish a book is enough to scare most from even trying. Getting your book written is just one part of becoming an author. New technologies have made it possible to have options, better and cost-effective options for publishing your book. You can now publish your works either online…

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Great non-fiction book ideas for authors – 2019

As a writer, you may find it difficult to find ideas to write about. While some others have an ever-flowering garden of ideas, some especially new writers may find it difficult finding ideas and deciding on what to write about. There is a system for consistently writing bestselling books with great ideas…

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5 steps to writing your first book ever!

As a writer, you would need to commit to three things. These are getting started whether you are prepared or not, staying motivated throughout the writing process and making sure you get that book finished and published. These may seem very obvious but it isn’t that simple. Over 80% of the American population hope to write a book one day. They never quite manage to write it.

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