Talking Brand Strategy with Clinton Nyarkoh Of iSupreme
Brand strategy

rands are a very essential aspect of businesses. Often, the stronger the brand, the stronger or better the company performs financially as well as in other aspects. Companies like Nike, Apple, and Walmart have developed so strong brands that customers have come to believe strongly in what these brands do.

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[Infographic] Top 8 social media tips for killer productivity
smartphone social media

Why at all do you need social media productivity tips? Social media has become a part of most lives and without much caution, it may be bad. These social media tips will provide you with a sense of direction in your social media use for maximum productivity. In this age where most people are almost […]

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10 interesting reasons why you must be on social media
social media facebook

Social media is a tool. Like any other tool out there, what you choose to use it for is totally dependent on you, your goals and innermost desires. This article captures a few ways we as people utilize social media for our growth and social nourishment.

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Top 8 social media tips for killer productivity.
social media - productivity

In this age where most people are almost always on social media, productivity in social media is something we must talk about. It is very easy to get drowned in social media, waste your time and spend data on aimless content. If that’s your story, you need to recalibrate your social media use for productivity.

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What is digital marketing?

Marketing refers to activities undertaken by an organization to promote the buying or selling of a product or service. Marketing includes advertising, selling, and delivering products to consumers or other businesses. Moving to the world of digital marketing – in other words, marketing through digital means or technology. [sc_fs_faq html=”true” headline=”h2″ img=”3986″ question=”What is digital […]

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Marketing vs. Advertising: What is the difference?
social media marketing

Marketing and Advertising share the same objective which is to inform customers of products and services offered by a company. The thin line between marketing and advertising are what we would be digging up in this article. Understanding these differences will enable your business with your customer strategy.

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