Talking Brand Strategy with Clinton Nyarkoh Of iSupreme
Brand strategy

rands are a very essential aspect of businesses. Often, the stronger the brand, the stronger or better the company performs financially as well as in other aspects. Companies like Nike, Apple, and Walmart have developed so strong brands that customers have come to believe strongly in what these brands do.

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Great non-fiction book ideas for authors – 2019

As a writer, you may find it difficult to find ideas to write about. While some others have an ever-flowering garden of ideas, some especially new writers may find it difficult finding ideas and deciding on what to write about. There is a system for consistently writing bestselling books with great ideas…

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Do I need a social media manager?
smartphone social media

More and more brands are taking a more serious look at social media and you may be asking yourself if you need to be on social media. Truth is every business needs to. The fact that your competitors can easily get on board or are already on board should scare you.

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STANBIC Incubator to host the Climax Edition of Digital Drive Impact – DDI

What is DDI? Digital Drive Impact Initiative is an annually hosted tech conference that puts together employees, tech enthusiast, tertiary students, and Tech Startup Founders in ideating methods by which technology can be decentralized in the African market. What to expect This conference is an initiative of HypaMania Digital Group, an online (digital) based agency […]

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15 Surprising Entrepreneurship Facts
entrepreneurship facts

Entrepreneurship cannot work without an attitude of learning This is an entrepreneurship fact! Have you wondered why most entrepreneurs read books more than the average person? Have you also thought about why the new thinking, “Your rate of failure would determine your success subsequently”?

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Why Positivity Trumps Everything Else and Always Wins
positive thinking

First Things First: What is Positivity? Positivity or positive thinking refers to the frequent flow of pleasant thoughts and emotions in your daily lives. It involves training your mind to see things a little differently from the norm, being optimistic and hoping for the best. Positive thinking and mental attitude can also be seen in […]

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Focus: The Hidden Driver of Success

The world is full of people, organizations, brands, and businesses which want our attention. However, we also need our attention to get work done and to live a good life. The problem is, we do not put as much effort into maintaining focus while these organizations spend lots of resources to get out attention.

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