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My arms are wide open to aid young people like me to work on and achieve their business or professional goals.

Experience and continuous learning enabled me to acquire skills and insights in various fields which may be useful to you, from building websites that meet technical standards to helping, writing copy to craft a winning CV of 1 or 2 pages for young achievers like you. Hit me up and let’s create something together.

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Digital marketing plan

Researched 10-Paged Digital Marketing Plan for Brands

An advanced Digital Marketing plan is a basic tool for your Business or Brand. Creating a digital marketing plan will enable you to recognize what makes your business stand out and how to get your message out to your customers through different online platforms. Concentrating on a particular group of customers and recognizing their needs, desires, and wants will help convey a progressively powerful message in accomplishing your advertising targets.

Research shows that brands with a clear marketing plan and regularly measure their efforts, see 60% faster growth than those without a marketing plan.

What you invest: Starting from GHC 600 

What you actually get: More than GHC 2000 

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Professional 3-Page Business, Brand or Personal website

Digital disruption has swept through lots of industries including yours. To make your business, brand, or personality visible you need to be online, not just social but with a website. Times are changing. If your business or brand doesn’t have a website, you may lose out on the irresistible benefits of being online like almost brand awareness, social listening leads generation, and lots of revenue left on the table. I design and build websites for people like you so that you can take advantage of these benefits of having an online property.

What you invest: Starting from GHC 500 

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Enoch W. Kabange CV template

Professional 1-Page CV Writing

Even though a CV is an official document, it doesn’t have to look cluttered, boring, and full of unprofessionalism. It could and should be simple, short, and designed to highlight your key achievements, skills, and value proposition.

I help friends create their awesome CVs and upon recommendation, I now offer it to any young person who wants a killer CV to get that dream job or opportunity.

Student or young professional? I can help you craft that CV, and in time.

What you invest: GHC 150 

What you actually get in value: GHC 300 

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