10 shocking reasons why you should quit social media

November 20, 2019
Facebook pill (Socieal media dangers)

“Quit social media” is probably what you have been telling your self now. Quitting social media may seem like a very crazy idea. You may even have wondered what “nonsense” I have to say about the topic. As humans, we are creatures of habit and social media is just the perfect habitual getaway. This may blind us to the damage that social media “secretly” does to us. Have you ever decided to stay from Facebook and before long, you find yourself back to it, scrolling like a hungry bear?


10 reasons why you should quit social media



Groupthink is making you dumber

On the good side, social media is providing us with information at a historically high rate. This allows us to stay up to date and learn a few things. This is good, right? Yes! However, as social media is giving with its right hand, it is secretly taking away from us the ability to think in certain terms. Research has shown that the constant use of social media can make us shun the obvious ways to solving problems. Critical/analytical thinking is sometimes needed to find solutions but the research shows most prefer to copy even if they know it’s a wrong answer.


Social media is making you anti-social

It’s quite ironic. Social media was made to connect the world. However, compelling research shows that it may as well be doing the opposite by making some users anti-social media. Have you ever gone out with friends and before you realize, everyone is staring at their screens chatting with friends while totally ignoring the ones in the here and now? Mindfulness is not a common thing because of how these social media have pulled us out of mindful living. Research shows that the presence of a phone alone could reduce the feelings of connectedness between two parties.


You are exposed to more threats

Social media is virtually a place that everyone claims to want privacy yet continue to make their information available to a wide range of people. Most often, this information can be used to cause harm to users. GEO location information which we allow for these apps to use can make you vulnerable to people who want to hurt you.


Social media causes depression

Young people have often been vulnerable to situations that cause them depression. This has been heightened by the presence of social media. Research at the University of Pittsburg shows that people who scroll through social media often are 2.7 times more likely to feel depressed.


Saps productivity by disrupting your workflow

It takes massive to do deep work. You may care less about deep work but deep work is what it takes to do massive action and get things done. Deep work invokes all your senses in doing that one thing. This allows you to be more creative, analytical and focused on your work. If you allow social media to constantly distract you, deep work would remain a wonder and never a reality for you.


It affects your body image and eating habits

According to scientific research, social media use on a regular and frequent basis can have certain implications for your perception of your body and your eating habits. How is this even possible you may ask. Among some of the disorders associated with social media use are anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge eating disorder and other clinical and mental health issues where people have a distorted body image and disordered eating.


You will be more creative without it

I have personally observed come to us when we are at peace, mindful and not distracted. It basically tends to show itself when we are near nature and our natural selves. Social media is on the opposite end of all that creativity comes with. You may get inspiration from social media but it definitely isn’t the place to go to trying to look for creativity. You won’t find it there for yourself.


Social media is an addiction

Frequent and uncontrolled social media use may pass as “I just want to keep up with my friends”. Deep down, social media is an addiction for many and the reason why they constantly feel anxious without social media is that they have formed a certain attachment to it because of the enormous amounts of dopamine these apps have been designed to make you secrete when you visit. Dopamine contributes to how we feel with regard to feelings of satisfaction and reward. Those little “Likes” are there for a reason. Facebook sends you those unnecessary notifications for a reason.


Fake news fuels social media

March Zuck and others have constantly pledged to privacy and war against fake news. But the truth is that rumor mongers are the ones who actually contribute to most shares on social media. Have you ever wondered why bad and fake news fly out so fast that everyone gets to know? Social media is social because everyone chooses to share a little bit of themselves. Well, others share all of themselves in nudes and in the sharing of highly private information which may even make them vulnerable to attacks. I am sure of us still think Obama is implanting Americans with chips because of his Obamacare. These are all fake news. The problem is how fast social media can make this false news to get to the masses. It is insane. So, watch the source of your info because fake news is here to stay. Rumor mongers have always existed.


You probably don’t have a single goal for being on social media

What are your goals for being on social media? Truth be told, most users have no single idea of why they always find themselves on social media. When asked, they make up a “Reasonable point”. Goals are personal. Without goals, your presence on social media may just be an addiction you can’t get over. It is important to define goals for yourself. And anytime you find yourself on social media, it should be because of one of those.

Bonus Reason for quitting social media (Overall reason)


You’d be a lot happier, get more done and feel more positive emotions

You’d be a lot happier without social media. This is a true statement for most and many people. Most users are just consumers and hardly get any strong and positive benefits for social media.

Staying away from social media or occasionally taking breaks from social media has the potential to give you more passion for living, allow you to reflect more on life and bring you to the realization that the best way to connect with friends is through physical meetings where you can see all of their emotions for yourself and not through some emojis that you cant be sure of.

Most people use emojis that they do not feel at the time but rather a reaction they think is fitting enough. This is not to say social media is a bad thing. Its how you use it or allow it to use you for the benefit of big companies that would do anything to have you hooked up onto their websites.

Signs that show you need a social media break (Quit social media for a while)

1. If you feel physical urges to be on social media almost always?

2. If you feel a sense of anxiety when are away from social media for a few minutes or hours?

3. If you feel low and unworthy after scrolling through your feed?

4. If you spend more than two hours a day on social media?

5. If you spend more time on social media than with meeting with friends in real life

How to quit social media

1. Start with a determined mindset

2. Start with weekends

3. Leave your phone at home

4. Put your phone on airplane mode when you need to focus

5. Practice mindfulness


These are the summation of some of my research and personal opinions on why you should quit social media. Do leave your thoughts and let strike a conversation. This article is in no way branding social media as a bad thing. Just like most other things in existence, it has got good and bad. This article simply draws your attention to the bad so that you make the necessary decisions to make your life better, happier and more fulfilling.

[sc_fs_faq sc_id=”fs_faq3cw2cjw21″ html=”true” headline=”h2″ img=”6670″ question=”10 reasons why you should quit social media ” img_alt=”” css_class=”” ]

1. Groupthink is making you dumber

2. Social media is making you anti-social

3. You are exposed to more threats

4. Social media causes depression

5. Saps productivity by disrupting your workflow

6. It affects your body image and eating habits

7. You will be more creative without it

8. Social media is an addiction

9. Fake news fuels social media

10. You probably don’t have a single goal for being on social media

Bonus Reason for quitting social media (Overall reason)

11. You’d be a lot happier, get more done and feel more positive emotions [/sc_fs_faq]

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