Where Does Mr Beast Get His Money?

April 23, 2022

If you’ve not heard of MrBeast before, you are probably hiding beneath a rock on YouTube. Jimmy Donaldson, known on the web as MrBeast, is a YouTube star and charitable philanthropist. Since his channel gained fame due to his viral video of him counting between 0 and 100,000, Mr. Beast has become unstoppable.

From giving away whole houses to multiple Lamborghini prizes to distributing thousands of dollars, if not millions of dollars for each video he creates… It is possible that one may be curious about how this YouTuber of 24 makes his money. 

As a YouTuber at first, MrBeast was unsuccessful until he broke his way through the YouTube code. Here are some methods he earns his money.

Why Is Mr. Beast So Successful? 

Mr. Beast was only a youngster when he decided YouTube was going to be his thing. Years later, he is one of the top creators on the platform. And for a long time, he has produced results that are simply amazing. While his success has not yet been replicated, he seems to have a very good understanding of what his audience wants, and what the algorithm wants, and he has mastered the art of combining both to make great videos.

His videos typically take long hours over weeks to make for this reason. He likes to do everything in a real way as much as possible. This means scripting every single piece, twist, and turn of his videos. This kind of detail allows him to use his incredible understanding of YouTube psychology to make every scene make the viewer want to keep watching. Unlike other creators who make extremely long videos without much detail, Mr. Beast seeks to give as much detail right from the start and make the video as short as necessary. Nothing more than necessity. And it works. Scripting videos is a great way to add some level of intentionality to your videos. Instead of sitting down to hit record, then going blank, adding a script or outline to the video you are about to make can help you add the necessary plot twists, patterns, interrupts, and other interesting things that make the video great.

You may say, hey, his videos are acted out. Fair enough. Big YouTubers like MrWhoseTheBoss have used similar ways of making videos and it has worked for them. MKBHD even adopted similar tactics and his views are skyrocketing more than ever.

Before you make your next YouTube video, sit down to think about what you can do to make the video much better and more enjoyable. YouTube is entertainment, and you must find a way to make your content entertaining no matter the topic. Period. 

I write scripts for YouTubers and brands. Over the past year alone, I have helped more than 100 YouTubers script and create videos that their audiences love. Read my guide to YouTube script writing here, or leave me a message over on Fiverr where I offer my service exclusively for cheap! 

Where Does Mr. Beast Get His Money?

Viral Content Monetisation

The easiest way the maker of viral videos earns his cash is via his YouTube partnership program. In exchange for advertising in his videos, MrBeast earns an income that can earn thousands of dollars per month. All it boils down to the number of views, and Mr. Beast has the most views. The lowest number of views we could get for his YouTube channel was thirty million viewers on the most popular video.

The channel has attained more than 94.2 million subscribers since it was launched in February of 2012.

Mr. Beast was the most popular YouTuber of the year 2020. His channel has amassed an impressive 15.4 billion views since the account was first created. His videos are viewed by half a billion times every single month!

The number of views he earns will reveal the source of his earnings because the primary monetization method on YouTube is the number of views that the channel receives. 

Brand Deals and Sponsorships

Mr. Beast may not promote aggressively companies in his videos, but there are certainly brand partnerships that earn him millions of dollars.

In a video called, “How I Gave Away $1,000,000” The Youtuber explained how he received one million dollars for the first payment from the brand. He then gave the entire amount to homeless people. He stated that it was a joy to do so. The video came to an end by sharing the good news about YouTube’s payouts, and saying “YouTube just pays better than you think.”

This provides us with an insight into the earnings that come from his brand-related deals. It’s an incredible amount for anyone on YouTube.

The brands that Mr. Beast is known for working with include Quibb, Honey, and the startup in finance, Current.

Supporting YouTube Channels

It may be shocking to know that Mr. Beast operates his main channel at a loss in the long run for the ROI on his investment. Beast also enjoys giving away tons of money for free, which is an excellent combination for his channel growth. Mr. Beast owns one main channel and five other channels that are featured on his primary channel. This makes six channels that are on YouTube. Each of his smaller channels is subscribed to by more than three million people, with some of them reaching upwards of 20 million.

Additionally, YouTubers also run accounts for Twitch as well as other platforms for social media that generate an average income. His aim is to create more viral videos and to give even more to people, which is something that he enjoys.

Merchandise Sales

Most of the top YouTubers monetize their brand by selling merchandise. And Mr. Beast is not one to be excluded from the “Big YouTubers club”

Mr. Beast sells a variety of merchandise by Mr. Beast on his website. There are slides and shirts, caps for your head or drinking cups, and coolers. Some of them have little tricks to them, like changing colors and cool things such as this. 

Some of his products can cost up to $60, and as little as $10. According to reports, Mr. Beast makes more than half a million dollars every single month through the sale of his merchandise.

The merchandising business seems to be working very well for Mr. Beast.

Business Ventures

We’ve all heard of him for insane YouTube stunts and for giving tons of money away for nothing other than the thrill of it. He is a businessman.

The YouTuber runs a variety of businesses that share his passions. As a frequent gamer, Mr. Beast joined forces to release a game named “Finger on the App” in 2020. He also created the MrBeast Burger chain, which has more than 300 locations across the US and has a presence in other countries. MrBeast Burger as he calls it, is an online restaurant that also offers franchises for restaurants. The man who runs the whole thing is Mr. Beast.


The list of investment opportunities Mr. Beast has made is awe-inspiring considering he is known to give lots of money. Beast is an investment in Backbone, which creates a controller that helps phones look more like Nintendo Switch controllers and a social media application. Current is a recent venture for Mr. Beast. Current is a financial technology firm that serves the needs of Americans who want to make a better life for themselves.

Alongside this, among other things, the YouTuber has also invested in Xcad Network, a cryptocurrency token, and marketplace for YouTubers with NFT products available for sale, as well as a company known as Creative Juice financial network.

How to Replicate Mr. Beast’s Success

Watching his many interviews on YouTube content creation, MrBeast has consistently mentioned “Best Video on YouTube” so many times that it is obvious that his aim with each video is to make it the best video on the platform. In simple terms, MrBeast is obsessed with YouTube. This has led him to study all he can about YouTube psychology, the algorithm, what people want and how to make videos that meet all of the criteria for a great video. He has also made some pretty incredible videos that allow him to learn and grow.

He learned quickly that the world of YouTube was not like any other, so he made his only study. He has studied how things work for so long that he can now turn any channel and video into a success. 

This demonstrates the level of intentionality that goes into his videos. He leaves nothing to chance. After watching his Squid Game video, I watched a behind-the-scenes video and you could see the sheer amount of work that went into it. The setup alone was enough to create a real movie. Anyway, my main piece of advice here is to be intentional about your YouTube business, intentional about how you make videos and whatever you do, study YouTube videos. You can achieve intentionality by scripting every video you make. But you need to know what you are doing to come up with a good script that translates into a great video. To get the YouTube sixth sense, watch top creators, watch the videos in slow-mo, view them second by second and take notes about what they are saying, the time in the video, how the editing is done, and basically seek to understand all the variable that go into each second and why. Such a granular understanding of why videos go viral will soon have you being the next MrBeast!


Perhaps YouTube’s most generous philanthropist, Mr. Beast has it every single time! If it’s giving away a 100,000 diamond, making someone happy to own an $850,000 island, or taking over a house to give away $50,000, he certainly knows how to keep his love of giving away every item he has. And in grand fashion.

Mr. Beast has had such huge success that we sometimes think about whether it’s real. The truth is that it is and he’s determined to change the world. Mr. Beast recently raised more than $20 million to plant trees! In terms of the value of his assets, it is still a wild guess. The majority of sources place him around the level of a couple of million dollars, which is impressive considering the amount he gives away. Now what? Read my article on how to make money on YouTube!


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