Success: The Power Of Perseverance And Persuasion

September 29, 2019
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The Power Of Perseverance And Persuasion

When all seems to be lost, what can be achieved without perseverance and persuasion? Many times we may think we have come to the end of the road but actually that is where it starts. When life seems to be taking everything away from us we need to learn to hold up to something. We should draw courage from our grievances and learn to obtain strength from our failures, even if it is our weakness, even if it is our sorrows. We were not born losers so we should not die losers. It is only losers who give up when trials set in, it is only losers who forget their foundations, roots and their purpose in life.


Why the Need for Persuasion?

Life is full of unending realizations but until you develop a sense of persuasion, you will never realize that part of yourself which is able to attain higher standards than you can ever imagine. You should develop and possess a sense of eagerness, so that in the journey of life when the road seems to be blocked, you will be curious to know what is behind. Nothing is hidden unless it is very precious. When you encounter challenges in life, you should know that you are getting to your success point and the only thing separating you from your success is that blockage. You should not just give up at that time.

Are the Sacrifices Worth it?

What of the sacrifices you made to get this far? What of the pain you had to endure? and only to give up at the last when it only needed the last trial from you? You should not give up. Turn that blockage wall into a climbing wall. Climb over the wall and fetch what you toiled for. But what do we rather do when we get to this point? when you come across these blockages in life, you just give up easily without even putting in our last effort. You become too tired of the struggles.


There should always be one thing which should encourage you and must stand out, that nothing can be achieved without putting in your last effort. You will remain where you are for our entire life, whiles your friends succeed in life. This is because they know what awaits them when they put in their last efforts. You have gotten to that blockage wall today. Will you stand there and give up or you will put in your last trial?


Is It the Last Straw Or A Break In The Clouds?

You must make that intelligent decision today and climb that wall while you still can. So, what are you waiting for? Fight that part of you which wants to quit. Persevere through the difficult times, through the struggles through the loneliness. Your last trial will be the one that will separate you from losers. That last effort of yours can bring great changes, so make it count, do not just sit there and analyze those last struggles, but rather turn them into motivation and build a pillar upon them so that you can lean against them when you face trembling times, because what is ahead of you is the success you toiled for all that long time. It is your dream come true, it is your happiness, everything you ever wanted in life.

Why You Should Persevere

It is what you worked all your life for, and it will last long because success duly worked for is forever. It is time to gear up and put up your last effort, make that last trial count because it may even break down the blockage wall without you having to climb over it. You must realize that the journey will become tougher as you go through, so you should prepare your mind for the difficulties ahead. You must come to the realization that nothing really can be achieved without struggles. Every successful story ever told is accompanied by struggles. They are the foundation for your success. Turn those struggles in your success journey into energy that will help you win.




The Power Of Persuasion And Perseverance: How To Develop A Persuasive Persevering Spirit

Once you have made up your mind to stand your grounds amidst the failures and troubles, you need a strong spirit that can drive your course. Perseverance is a measuring standard for success and once you have mastered the skill, you will stand out strong among others.in order to develop such a spirit, you need to consider the following factors diligently.

  • Know you end game- know what you want

You cannot achieve something without knowing what it is and similarly, you cannot win a lost match. If you put yourself up for something you must definitely know what it is and know what you want to achieve at the end. If you know what you want then you can work towards it. The sad realization is that most of us don’t know what our end game is.  If we are to critically examine what we want to achieve in life, we’ll be surprised that it is already available with no striving necessary and without much difficulties.


  • Develop an enduring patience

Patience is a driving force for perseverance and form of psychological stability. It is the ability to endure difficult circumstances such as perseverance in the face of delay. Patience is a lifelong virtue which when mastered will help the individual. There is a well-known proverb which says “good things come to those who wait”. In life, patience is key and should be reflected in everything we do as humans.


  • Serious and a focused mindset

The mind is the most powerful driving force in the lives of humans. A serious mind can achieve great highs. Success is all about the mindset and you cannot persevere if you don’t have a mindset that backs your course. The mindset affects every decision we make. I cannot agree more with Napoleon Hill when he said, “There are no limitations to the mind except those we acknowledge. Both poverty and riches are the offspring of thought.” Your mind can bring both doom and glory to you, so choose you now, a positive mindset.


  • Develop massive Discipline

Many people give up on their dreams too early. Discipline and perseverance are what separate those who succeed in life from losers. Self-control is a core value in one’s life that should be nurtured to its highest extent. Discipline is something you do to yourself, thus the sources of discipline are internal. It is learning and applying intentional standards to achieve meaningful objectives.



  • Willingness to accommodate excessive pressure

Excessive pressure can be frustrating most times most especially when we are fighting for something worth. What will separate you from losers is your willingness to accommodate this excessive pressure and channel it into a way you can pass through with ease.


  • Trust in your conscience

A person’s moral sense of right and wrong, viewed as acting as a guide to one’s behavior is what is termed as CONSCIENCE. If you want to be successful you must be independent of judgment and trust in your sense of judgment.


  • Learn from your mistakes

Mistakes are inevitable in life and you should not be afraid to do something because you don’t want to make mistakes. When you fail, it may for that moment feel like the whole world load is on you and you will feel messed up but take a deep breath and relax easily. You’re not the first person to encounter failure. In fact, some of the most successful, influential, and inspiring people in the world have encountered some much major failure. But your ability to take control of these mistakes through the tough times is how you can overcome your downfalls. Failure is part of the process and to be successful you absolutely must learn to make it a tool.

  • Hope and Pray- Build a strong spiritual background

The prayer they say is the key to success. It is not just enough to learn from failure and develop discipline. You need something to hold on to in tough times Once you pray, you will feel relieved of mental stress and have a ray of hope for life. If you wish to accomplish something, then prayer gives you the strength to move forward even in case of hard times. The more we fill our mind with God’s truth, the more we can trust our conscience.



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  • Know you end game- know what you want

• Be enduring in patience

• Serious and a focused mindset

• Develop discipline

• Willingness to accommodate excessive pressure

• Trust in your conscience

• Learn from your mistakes

• Hope and pray- build a strong spiritual background[/sc_fs_faq]

Success: The Power Of Perseverance And Persuasion
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Success: The Power Of Perseverance And Persuasion
The Power Of Perseverance And Persuasion teaches so much of what we need for success. We were not born losers so we should not die losers. It is only losers who give up and fail to persevere, it is only losers who forget persuasion is part of the process.
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Enoch W. Kabange
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