Success comes to those who wait. How wrong could this be?

September 05, 2019
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Success comes to those who wait. How wrong could this be?

Does success come to those who wait? There are lots of quotes instructing us to wait and success will come to us. There are also others instructing us to be go-getters and hustle for our own success.


The big question is, which of these statements are correct and represent the formula for attaining success accurately?

Success in itself is a very complex issue and we can’t raise the question of what it means exactly. In simple terms, it means a different thing for different people. Some people want to be happy while others consider success as becoming rich beyond measure. Regardless of whether you want to be rich or happy or to achieve both, you want what is good for you. So, the question still remains, does good things (Success) come to those who wait or not?


What does it mean to wait?

From the first quote by Paulina Simmons, the exact definition for waiting isn’t well captured but let’s assume it means you sit around and hope to have good things come to you. You even try praying to your God and offer some sacrifices of fasting and other things. There is no problem with these either. Waiting for success is like waiting for something that spans infinity. It will never come. Good things don’t come to people who wait but people who are patient.


Patience and waiting: The differentiator

You may begin to wonder what the difference is here. Being patient isn’t necessarily the same as waiting around. Perhaps when Ms. Simmons made her statement, she had a wonderful stroke of luck which caused her to believe that things just happen and all we need to do is to wait for them. Taking the words critically, being patient means having a goal you are working toward but having the ability to wait for the results to show.

For instance, Kofi starts a business and starts to market it aggressively. Kofi knows that real success takes time so he patiently waits for his turn to come but he doesn’t sit around and do nothing. Kofi knows that great achievers don’t just hit and wait for things to happen out of the blue but rather they create what they want to happen.

Waiting, on the other hand, amounts to sitting around, doing nothing and expecting things to happen for your good. I know very little people who have depended on such luck and made it big. Yes, people win the jackpot but think about the odds. Instead of putting your entire future on such odds, why don’t you sit up, show up daily and create what ideal life you deem to be good and successful?


Much of waiting comes down to one thing; Persistence/Perseverance

Most of us have heard of how people have become overnight successes. You may even be thinking of finding that one thing which will make you an overnight success. I’d like to borrow the words of a very successful football professional,

Overnight successes don’t last. Think about the blue-chip companies which rose during the dotcom bubble. They all went down with the bubble. Another typical example is money made from dubious means. Eventually, the law takes charge. There is nothing like an overnight success which lasts.


What drives and motivates you?

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A lot of what you will achieve depends on what drives you each day. You may feel highly motivated on a particular day and then it dies off but what really counts is what motivates and drives you on a daily basis. It matters that much. For each person who has achieved something worth telling tales and stories about, they had a vision and mission. This was what drove them. They realized how big these were. Their visions drove them restless that they couldn’t wait. They had to get something done. After lots of studies on such great achievers and reading their books, I have come to the conclusion that action is what creates great men out of ordinary men. It is the discipline to move from one rejection to another. The mindset to repel bad vibes and filter all that is not good.


Do you prefer to be passive and have an ordinary life?

Adhering to “Good things come to those who wait” is a passive approach to life. Most people on the face of the earth are living passive lives. Living passively robs us of the power we have to create just as our creator made us to. Living passive lives exposes us to luck, and considering the odds, I wouldn’t bet on luck. Would you?


Top 6 Reasons why good things don’t come to those who wait but those who hustle

  1. Hustlers are the first takers.

Consider you are running a race to the finish line. Would you wait around and say to yourself “Good things come to those who wait”? or you would run your legs off your thighs? The same things happen to us in life. Hustlers take away the great stuff while the good comes to those wait just when the great things have been selected by the go-getter and hustlers. Hustlers take first before those who wait.


  1. Good things (Success) are waiting for you to come to them

Success isn’t begging anyone that it has to come to you. It has its fixed price and it gives itself to the one who pay the price to reach it and grab. Once you wait, you may never be able to get to it.


  1. Good things come to those who expect good and commit to making it happen

Luck doesn’t exist. A better way to consider luck is preparation meeting opportunity. Those who commit to continuous development and improvement are always ready to jump on the next big opportunity because they have made the commitment and see to it that they have what it takes even before opportunities show up. That is the spirit of a go-getter and someone who deserves good things and success.


  1. Good things happen to those who show up early and stay longer

This simple rule has made people more successful than you can imagine. It may sound simple but it isn’t easy. Its hard to face difficulty and still maintain your regular attitude to work and how you react to life and others. It is hard to keep facing rejection when you show up every day. But ask yourself if it is worth it, absolutely.


  1. Good things come to those who develop themselves and go the extra mile

Explore out of your comfort zone and do things that people don’t expect you do. If you have a job, over deliver. You would soon be the center of the company with huge responsibilities and of course a fat salary to go home with. But if you only do what you are supposed to do, your boss will eventually find someone who does more than he is told and you may be sacked to make room for that person. Do more and be more because you have what t takes to achieve them.


  1. The time will never be right

The last but not the least reason pays more attention time. It would never be right and perfect to do something. There will always be that one last thing to think about, research, redesign or whatever it is that needs to be done. The truth is you have to jump off the clip not sure whether your parachute will work or not. You must be proactive and act with faith and belief.



If you want to wait, exercise it by being patient instead. Work for what you want and expect good to happen. More importantly, know that it would be you who would have to go to where your good and success is. Success doesn’t lower its standards for anyone. It only avails itself to those who hustle and get things done.


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By Enoch W. Kabange

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  1. Prince

    The brevity of life is too brief to wait, one got to go for what s/he wants: things do not just happen, they are made to happen. Inertia forbids anything to move or stop without an applied force.



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