Recent talk about social media use has been focused on the negative. I even have an article on the reasons why you should quit social platforms for good. That said, I believe it is like the proverbial two-sided coin. It has positive and negative and depending on who you are, you may need to use more social media or reduce your social platform use.


What is social media?

It would shock you to know some people do not know what social media is. Whereas others simply know it constitutes Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn. A few others know of LinkedIn. The real definition of social media is any website or application that allows users to easily create and share content and to network. This widens the scope of social platforms to include Quora, YouTube, Snapfish, Flickr, meetup, etc.


These platforms share the common trait of all platforms. They also have the unique audiences that they attract. Some are more general while others are much more specialized and less known.


The wide provisions that social platforms make allows us to exist on several platforms with different agendum and experiences.

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This diversity allows us to choose from the wide variety and select what meets our needs. Such needs may generally include…


10 Interesting reason you must be on social media

  1. To Stay In touch

This is the primary reason why users sign up for platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. We as humans are increasingly becoming busier and it may be difficult to make calls individually to people we care about. So, what do you do? Sign up on Facebook so you share what’s on your mind and your experiences to all your friends at a go. You can also get to know what’s up with your friends by skimming through your feed a few times a day.


  1. To Stay updated

Nobody likes to be out of the loop and always have to ask what is going on. Social media may be just the perfect mix of socialization and information. We can easily share news and other useful content without having to buy a newspaper.


  1. To network with new people of interest

Social media is such a great tool for networking. People have made lifelong relations through the power of the various platforms; others have secured business deals while some others have had their dreams come through simply by networking with someone on social media.


  1. To take an entertainment break from stuff

Social platforms are a combination of so many content types that you just have to choose. When life gets overwhelming, you can visit a social platform and laugh off your worries.

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  1. To share your thoughts with the world

We all love to share our thoughts and ideas. Social platforms have made this even simpler. You can share your thoughts with as many people as you gain as followers at once.


  1. To promote your brand/Business

Most new businesses do not have huge budgets to buy traditional ads. The go-to options are often word of mouth, referrals and social media. They allow businesses with small budgets to reach their exact target audience by paying far less than traditional platforms such as radio, TV, and newspapers.


  1. Source of motivation/inspiration

As we share our thoughts, ideas, and works, we have the ability to inspire and motivate others to achieve even greater things. A good example of a social media platform that fits this use is Pinterest. Users pin their favorite items from various categories.


  1. Find an employer or a job

Platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn have made it very easy for employers to locate potential employees and vice versa. They have specifically designed tools to help this regard unlike platforms like Instagram and Twitter. However, regardless of that, social media, in general, can aid both recruiters and job seekers.


  1. To stalk your crush

If you’re like me, you’re probably using social media to stalk your crushes and favorite celebrities. Others use social platforms to find mentors and learn from the content they create.


  1. Research on and connect with brands

Most consumers would first conduct a social media search after they start considering to buy a product. Being on social media affords you the opportunity to provide your experience to social media users when your business is on the platform. This would give you leverage over businesses that aren’t on any social platform or even offline and don’t have any online properties.

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Social platforms are tools. Like any other tool out there, what you choose to use it for is totally dependent on you, your goals and innermost desires. This article captures a few ways we as people utilize social platforms for our growth and social nourishment. Do share your own social media uses, someone may find it beneficial.

10 interesting reasons why you must be on social media
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10 interesting reasons why you must be on social media
Social media use has grown to become a tool. Consequently what you choose to use it for is dependent your goals and innermost desires.
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Enoch W. Kabange
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