In this age where most people are almost always on social media, productivity in social media is something we must talk about. It is very easy to get drowned in social media, waste your time and spend data on aimless content. If that’s your story, you need to recalibrate your social media use for productivity.

  1. What Are Your Goals?

    If you have no goals for social media, just get out now.

Otherwise, think through and be intentional about your goals. Your goals could be to connect with family and friends, release some stress over the day, learning from what others post or anything else.
Just make sure it’s something important enough to warrant your presence on social media. I know some people who aren’t on social media and they live their lives just fine. Not every person must be on social media.
Social media presence is also a must for some others such as people building an audience, a brand, a business, etc.

The only way to know is to audit your current social media use. I’ll delve into how to do that exactly in one of the following tips. Decide what your goals are for being on social media right now! Do leave your goals in the comments. I’m really interested in what you use social media for.


  1. Review Your Current Social Media Use.

    The first tip I shared was a call on you to define your goals for being on social media. I called on you, that if you don’t have any goals, then maybe it’s time to leave since social media is most likely consuming a lot of your time and sucking your productivity.
    If you have a good reason and goals to be here, then take this chance to review your social media use.
    Based on your goals, what do you need to do more?

    What do you need to do less?

    What needs to be changed?

    How much time should you spend on social media a day?

    These are a few of the questions you should ponder over. Decide for yourself how you want to use social media. Decide if your current social media use is in tandem with your goals for being on the platforms.
    Some of my social media followers said they want to build a good network.

    How many people have you made friends with since you joined social media? I’m not referring to people you already know but rather people you never knew existed yet you became friends with them on social media. Look at these metrics critically so you know if you’re moving toward your goals or not.
    Personally, I’ve learned from social media, I’ve gained speaking engagements through social media, and gained business partners through social.
    So do your own review. Are you losing or gaining?

    Leave your comments as to how you’re using social media to meet your goals?


  1. Optimize Your Social Media Pages.

    It’s sad how we sometimes treat our social media pages and handles. We put up strange profile pictures, crazy bios, post random and irrelevant content, and so many other sins. I call them sins. I’ll have another separate post for the most common social media sins.

    Fast forward, we are all professionals in a way or we want to be perceived as professionals. This is because we may seek a job through social media, search for business partners on social media and also advertise to customers.
    Being perceived as a professional involves a lot of simple little things that if got wrong, could cost you a lot.
    Social media has come to stay and now determines a lot of things. Certain employers seek your social media handles before they even interview you. Customers will view your profile before ordering something from you.

    Make sure your profile picture is your picture or the logo of your brand and nothing else, your bio is short and portrays your value and make sure you post the right content. Watch what you share and be professional. Don’t jump into arguments and remember, the internet never forgets. Your sins will always be online once you publish them. Therefore, watch your online activity carefully.


  1. Know how Much Time You Need To Spend On Social.

    This one is pretty straightforward. All platforms have designed their algorithms to suck you in based on proven psychological methods. And anytime you want to leave, they just keep pulling you back in. Facebook introduced a feature That refreshes your feed when you click the back button on your smartphone. This is no coincidence. This is just one way you can get sucked into social.

Averagely, humans spend 2hrs 22mins on social media alone each day. Imagine the productivity that could be achieved within those hours when your main job isn’t about social. The good thing is, you can learn to track and control your social media use. Facebook has a wonderful feature that allows you to set a daily time limit. You can also use your mobile app usage tracker on your phone to track the time spent on each app and reduce that over time. It takes discipline but it’s possible. I personally spend 30mins a day on Facebook and it’s been more productive using 30 mins a day cos I do the most productive stuff I need and then get out. You should too.
How much time do you spend on social media each day? How do you plan to reduce or use it more productively?


  1. Setup A Content Schedule

    For instance, post 2 pieces of content a day. The first may be a quote and the second a tip at specific times. That way, you know what you will be posting daily. You can then create these pieces on content for a full month to reduce the daily stress of having to create content. I personally create my content for months to come except for my video content. I’m currently working on having consistent social media video content. That way, social media doesn’t become stressful.

    An added benefit for having your content planned out is that you can schedule the content. There are subscription services that allow you to schedule content across platforms for months at a go.
    Tweetdeck by Twitter allows you that, Facebook web also allows you to schedule posts.
    I hope these tools help. Otherwise, you can just search online. I’m sure you’d find a lot of both free and paid options.

    If you are serious with social media and have clear goals for your presence on social media, then you need a content strategy or direction. I’m sure you are because having a goal was one of the first tips I shared. You need to figure out the kind of content you should be posting on a daily basis. This could get overwhelming so what I suggest is that you have a content schedule.

  2. Have A Strategy For Video

Research has shown and proven that video content is the future. People prefer to watch short videos as compared to any other content form. It is the reason why short-form video content are going viral.

Most often doing videos could be intimidating but hey, if it gives the exposure and reaches, you need to get comfortable with making them until it becomes a normal phenomenon for you.

I personally disliked making videos. I felt I looked weird in videos and my voice was actually different from my “real voice”.

But I started making videos. I knew they weren’t the best but I published them. I decided that I wouldn’t allow perfection to prevent me from doing videos so I started a YouTube channel and I’m now getting into short videos for social media.

And guess what? They give reach more than text and images. They do.

Create a simple procedure for doing videos and don’t mind any discouragement. At first, you’d do not so good but keep publishing them and don’t stop. Learn and improve.
You’d reap your exposure and reach soon. Occasionally your video may go viral. Thank God for that if it happens cos there is nothing like a formula for making viral video. Viral in its nature is unpredictable.

  1. Engage and Be Interested in People

    Social media isn’t just social because it’s named so. It’s social because of the people/humans using it. It is best you interact and respect people as you would on a physical level. Like, and content on people’s posts. You’re not the only one who wants the exposure.

  2. Pay Attention to Analytics

    You may not be a numbers guy or lady but you definitely have to take a serious look at your numbers when it comes to social media. It would be possible to ascertain if you’re growing or you’re losing followers. The trends would show you which content types do well and which don’t. That way you can be able to find out what works with your audience and what doesn’t.

    This information can help you with business decisions such as the kind of giveaways to do, content you should create, what attracts customers and sales and so much more.

    Whatever you do on social media, make sure you have some data backing your decisions.
    You may need to experiment initially to get to know what works. With time, preferences change and checking your analytics will show the trends so you can easily adapt quickly.
    Do not neglect your analytics especially if you’re an established business. You can run ads to test what works too and what doesn’t.
    Leave your comments as to how to plan to use analytics or how you already use analytics.

Here is a summary

[sc_fs_faq sc_id=”fs_faqwd7vz6e65″ html=”true” headline=”h2″ img=”2858″ question=”Social media productivity tips” img_alt=”” css_class=”” ]1. What Are Your Goals? Yo need real goals

2. Review Your Current Social Media Use.

3. Optimize Your Social Media Pages.

4. Know how Much Time You Need To Spend On Social.

5. Setup A Content Schedule

6. Have A Strategy For Video

7. Engage and Be Interested in People

8. Pay Attention to Analytics [/sc_fs_faq]

The whole of this article is a compilation of the series “My top 8 social media tips for killer productivity.” Which I originally shared on my social media pages. Do follow me to be able to see such posts as and when I first create them.

Top 8 social media tips for killer productivity.
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Top 8 social media tips for killer productivity.
In this age where most people are almost always on social media, productivity in social media is something we must talk about. It is very easy to get drowned in social media, waste your time and spend data on aimless content. If that's your story, you need to recalibrate your social media use for productivity.
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