How Can You Make Money With Your YouTube Channel?

April 13, 2022

Reading this means you’re familiar with YouTube. And perhaps you already have a channel. The only thing left is how to make money out of all the free content you have been sharing on the platform. If you are not exposed to the earning potential on the YouTube platform, you will only see it as child’s play or something unemployed people do for fun or to get out of their misery. But that is far from the truth. YouTube has been minting a lot of millionaires in recent times. But did you realize that you could earn money from creating videos about things you like? Have you got a YouTube channel, or would you like to start one? Did you realize that you could earn lots of money by creating video clips and uploading them on YouTube? YouTube has allowed creators from all over the world to earn money doing the things they love, and you, too, can.

We’ll discuss ways to earn money through YouTube by creating and running a YouTube channel in this somehow long text. It doesn’t matter if you are doing it full-time or part-time basis. There’s a solution to make money for everyone. The question is: how much do you want to earn?

Let’s dive in…

Earning money online is fast becoming commonplace as more and more people have discovered that it is possible to earn an income online that is full-time. YouTube is among those platforms that can help you make an income from doing what you love. Many creators have found YouTube as more than an entertainment platform and an industry to which they dedicate lots of their time.

Ways to Make Money On YouTube with a YouTube Channel


1. YouTube Partner Program

The most basic method of monetization that most YouTubers can leverage at the beginning of the course of their YouTube career is by joining YouTube’s YouTube partner program and getting compensated for views they earn. This is the primary monetization option offered by YouTube for smaller and bigger channels alike as they develop their businesses. Based on a variety of factors other than the scope of this article, YouTube will determine the worth of every view and click on your video and pay you regularly.

If you are steady and work hard to build your YouTube community, this sum could soon replace your income from full-time work, which will allow you to retire early and manage your YouTube business fully. However, you must take the first step. That would be to start your YouTube channel and then upload videos that you know your audience will want to see. One of the biggest mistakes that new YouTubers make is to create videos with no plan to determine the kind of content their viewers would like. I believe one of the most underrated parts of YouTube’s success is video scripting. Scriptwriting determines how the video will go, with each detail outlined in a well-thought-out fashion. Most YouTubers are happy to simply jump in and start recording. This is often a recipe for low view count unless you are a pro and have been doing this for years. Even pros like MKBHD and Mr. Beast script their videos to tell a certain story based on different things they believe will trigger their audiences to enjoy the video content. But hey, I digress!

Back on track…

You might be wondering about how the partnership program actually works. Here are the essential conditions you must meet to meet in order to join YouTube’s partner program.

1. You’ll need to live within an Eligible Country in which YouTube has approved monetization.

2. You must gain at least 1,000 Subscribers regardless of the amount of time it takes to hit four thousand subscribers. Once you’ve got there, you’ll be eligible to submit a monetization request.

3. The Third requirement is the most challenging for brand new creators who are still trying how to use the platform. You must be able to show at least 4,000 Public Watch Hours within the last twelve months. At the moment, many people think that the basic views on their channel are “public watch hours.” This isn’t true because YouTube has a particular meaning when they refer to “public watch hours.” The hours of public views are accumulated over the course of the last 12 months and accumulated using the minimum number of subscribers of 1000.

Now, What Does Public Watch Hour Mean? This is the bad news Unlisted videos, Videos that you’ve deleted or made private, advertisements campaigns, and YouTube shorts do not count in the public watch hours, therefore not counted towards your 4,000 watch hours.

However, live streams that you make on your channel, as well as other videos listed in the public domain, can count towards the 4,000 required mark.

It is important to know that YouTube may be able to remove you from the program if your daily time of viewing is not in line with the required amount, even after joining the program.

4. The fourth prerequisite to joining YouTube’s YouTube partnership program is the fact that you be in compliance with the platform’s rules and regulations. It’s a good moment to sit down and go through the conditions and terms for yourself, and we’re sure you’re not reading them, but this is what you must comply with.

AdSense Account Adsense is an ad-publishing platform created by Google. It is a platform for websites and blogs. It’s required to create advertisements on your YouTube videos. The procedure is fairly simple. Once you have signed up, sign up for AdSense, and this must be completed on a different site. You can then set up your account to begin displaying advertisements.

You may be wondering what I need to do to accomplish all this? It’s easy; just get going. You don’t have to be concerned about tracking your progress. This is something you can track on the YouTube studio dashboard under “monetization YouTube will notify you via email when you have met the criteria and enable you to click the “Apply” button to be a part of the YouTube partnership program. You will, however, need to sign up to receive the notification via the option to monetize.

NB; Adsense revenue depends on a number of factors including the country or region the views are from, the volume of views, and the type of content since some industries pay more than others. For instance, the finance industry is known to pay more than average for ads. To hit most of these factors means carefully planning your content which is largely about research and scriptwriting. YouTube Scriptwriting can help you retain your views to the end while adequate video idea research can help you capture a specific country, demographic, and interests to increase your earnings even if you don’t get many views. But hey, the more views, the more likely you can make. Maybe I could help? Shoot me a message on Fiverr!

Other Ways to Make Money on YouTube

Although signing up to YouTube’s YouTube Partner Program is by far the primary option that the vast majority of YouTubers utilize, There are numerous different ways to earn money through YouTube. With these options, you don’t need to satisfy a set of standards. Some of them are here below.

2. Advertise Your Business/Freelancing

YouTubers have a job, talent, or skill they are skilled at. It could be a freelance service or even a business. YouTube is among the largest advertising platforms, and you will surely be able to get lucrative clients by creating YouTube content that will attract your ideal customers. There is no need to fulfill any criteria because YouTube lets you place your contact information for outreaches. You can also include links to websites, order pages, or other places where you can get more details about your business in order to make a purchase. It is possible to build your brick-and-mortar company by taking advantage of the large YouTube audience. YouTube.

3. Affiliate Marketing

Many well-known YouTubers with high earnings earn more money through affiliate marketing than they do from their YouTube Partner Program. Brands are always looking for influencers that have strong communities that could be of interest. In certain instances, they might contact you to discuss deals. But, there are also platforms, also known as affiliate networks, on which you can find products and services that are in line with your area of expertise. You could be in the process of becoming the next millionaire net worth YouTuber.

4. Sell Digital Products 

Products like templates packs, themes, music, digital downloads, etc.

5. Create and Sell Courses

6. Sell Merchandise

Get a reliable and quality supply partner. There are lots of platforms that offer this kind of service. 

7. Brand Deals 

Brand deals make up a large portion of most of the big YouTubers. This is because of the leverage that they have. If you have impressive statistics on your channel, or you are super niched out, you can easily get partners to promote on your channel. 


The path to YouTube fame, success, wealth, and fame are different for every YouTuber on the internet. If you are able to learn from others, keep in mind that your path is different, and you have to find out what works you can do for yourself. The most effective way to ensure youtube’s success has likely been to upload regular videos that people like to watch, scripting these videos can help you increase your views and make more money. Find ways to do that.

Since you are still here…

Hello there, my name is Enoch Kabange, a Content Marketing Strategist. I help YouTube creators grow their audience with killer scripts that boost not only subscribers but also increase watch time and retention. Read my YouTube scriptwriting process on my blog. I have stellar reviews on Fiverr, where I offer exclusive low-priced YouTube channel packages for creators like you. I have successfully helped over 100+ channel owners create amazing videos. Are you going to be the next?

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