How to publish your book Online Today!

The question of how to publish a book is enough to scare most from even trying. Getting your book written is just one part of becoming an author. The other part is getting it published. Once you have written your book you will need to get a publisher. New technologies have made it possible to have options, better and cost-effective options. You can now publish your works either online or go through traditional publishing. Why not try both? Self-publishing through websites like Amazon has made it easier for new writers to get their works noticed while riding on low budgets and at the same time make a good income. After finishing your book, you can get it published through a few clicks. This article will teach you how to do exactly that. Become the author you have always dreamed of.

Writing and Formatting Your Book

writing plan

Prepare your book for publishing.

It would be very prudent on your side to rigorously scrutinize your book before sending it off to the digital world for everyone to see. You will want to make sure that your manuscript is rid of all errors – grammatical, syntactic, spelling, difficult to read constructions and several other things you should look out for. The truth of the matter is that you will need someone else to make the same scrutiny as you have. This is because you are likely to overlook somethings and you may be blind to some mistakes.

Having a second pair of eyes such as a friend or a professional editor take a good look at your work will ensure quality is served to your readers. An editor will be able to bring fresh perspectives to the work and be more objective with your work. Also, Amazon has quality control guidelines which are meant to ensure this. It would best to stick to their guidelines to make sure that your book doesn’t get rejected.

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Sign up for a Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) account.

Firstly, you would need to sign up on the kindle direct publishing website. Create your account using the steps on the website. If you already have an amazon account you can create a KDP account directly with your already existing information on amazon. However, if this is your first-time using amazon you can create your account by inputting your personal information including your name, address, email, and phone number. Relevant information such as your tax and social security details will be collected.


Choose your publication format.

Making the choice of the publication format is one of those critical decisions you would make concerning your book. This is because amazon stands to give you the author 7-% of the unit price of your book if it is published as a digital product. It will, however, give you 80% for physical copies sold. Physical copies come with the extra costs such as delivery, inventory management and printing which amazon would do on your behalf.


Get your book formatted properly.

Your book will need to be formatted in the right way to be able to display appropriately on paperback or an e-reader. This would involve standards and a lot of formatting to meet the standards. Fortunately, Amazon has made stuff easier by providing a guide which gives you steps to create a format which meets the standards. You can find the guidelines on the KDP website. There is an option for you to use templates if you want to do paperback publishing. Using Amazon’s MOBI or a PDF format will preserve your edits when you are uploading the document. If you have images, charts or any other graphics, they would be retained in the right way.


The KDP side of things

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Go to your Bookshelf in your KDP account.

This can be compared to your dashboard. From your bookshelf, you would be able to upload your work, create and edit your listings. You can also check stats. After deciding whether to go for +Kindle eBook or +Paperback, make your selection from your bookshelf.


Enter your book details and create a book cover design.

The Amazon KDP platform will then take you through a series of forms requiring you to provide information on yourself and what you do. These will include your name, title, a short description of the book, an age range of ideal readers along with several others. You should think about the category, keywords and other options like that to help your book to be seen by more people. If you do this well, you will be able to find your book selling more because more people get to see it.

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First things first, make sure the book cover is fully owned by you that is it is not protected by copyright. Once you have an original cover art you can go ahead and upload it. Amazon has also got an in-built design feature on the KDP website for you to be able to create one for yourself.  The recommended height to width ratio is 1:6. The best way to get a good cover design is to hire someone to do it. This is because even though you can create one on the KDP website you will be constrained on options. The cover design is one of the things that raises curiosity about your book and drive sales.


Upload your book for publishing.

Time to do what you have been preparing for. Click the “Browse” option to locate your manuscript on your computer. Start the upload process. This may take some time especially if your work is dense. If you happen to want to make some changes afterwards you can still do so. Note that your book won’t be published even though it is uploaded. You will have to give Amazon the go-ahead to do that. Make sure that you have the book in the MOBI format if it is an eBook.


Finally! Submit your book for publication

Final checks: Preview your cover design and page layout.

Amazon has got everything figured out for you. All the tools you can ask for are there. They have a preview function which allows you to see how the book will look when published. Pay attention to anything you wouldn’t want to accompany your book to your readers. To get a feel of how your various readers will experience the book, you can go through the various views depending on the devices.


Set a price for your book.

Let’s talk about money! It is time to price your book. The format of the book, marketability, and quality of the book can help you to decide on the price. However, make it reasonable to make sales instead of a price which limits sales. It would be better to do a little bit of research on already published books in your category and how they are doing in terms of sales. Based on that you can be able to better decide. You’ll have different royalty prices based on what you decide. Typically, you have these options; 70% and 35%. Amazon normally deducts a fee for distribution even if your book is an eBook.

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Publish your book.

Check all the necessary things. You made it! You can then hit publish. It is easy to become hesitant at this point for lack of certainty on maybe how readers will react to your book. Don’t worry. Your file upload will be taken to the appropriate place either KDP or CreateSpace for publishing. It will take about 72 hours to be ready and you will receive the notification upon its publication. Changes can still be made even after the book has been published. It doesn’t end after publishing your book. You will need to check your bookshelf for stats on book sales and how the book is doing. You will be able to make observations and make decisions as to what to change if it isn’t going well. If it is already good, then you can make it even better. Amazon sends out royalty statements every 60 days. If your book becomes a favorite of readers you will soon have a steady paycheck from Amazon. You can contact me for any further questions, inquiries and if you need assistance with getting your book published.



KDP has made it easy to publish a book without the hustle of printing. However, as time goes on and your audience builds up, try your best to print hard copies with a local publisher. Authors who have physical copies of their books published receive a great amount of respect. CreateSpace by Amazon is another great platform for you to sell printed copies of your books without spending any money. I will write an article about CreateSpace as well. My last words for you is that go ahead and publish. You can Reach out to me for further assistance.

How to publish your book Online Today!
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How to publish your book Online Today!
The question of how to publish a book is enough to scare most from even trying. Getting your book written is just one part of becoming an author. New technologies have made it possible to have options, better and cost-effective options. You can now publish your works either online...
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