Great non-fiction book ideas for authors – 2022

January 05, 2021

Non-fiction book ideas and titles can be the difference between a bestseller and another book on the shelves of bookstores. As a writer, you may sometimes find it difficult to find ideas or things to write about. While some others have an ever-flowering garden of ideas, some especially new writers may find it difficult finding ideas and deciding on what to write about. You might wonder some others never run out of ideas to write about.

It may seem intimidating but it isn’t that difficult to create a garden of great ideas that you can depend on anytime you want to write up something. First, you need a system to generate these great ideas.

Most writers especially new writers kill their ideas before they even have time to develop because of fear and some sort of self-doubt.

A good way to have a pool of non-fiction book ideas is to take some time to do a little exercise which will give you enough ideas to write for the rest of your life. As you become more experienced with writing, it would become less difficult to come up with book ideas and write them into a book even if you don’t have expertise in that field.


Choose your best playing field

It is easy to write about something which you already have knowledge and insights about such as your interest, business or area of expertise. What you should do then is to have a brainstorming session where you think about all of these areas of your life.

Write Without Judgment

Keep paper and pen. Write down every single area you can think of related to your non-fiction book. Don’t judge whether you can create a book in that niche or not. Just write them out. You can think about them with your eyes closed. As you think about them and write them down, move on to write down topics from each area.

Explore beyond your comfort zone

Imagine diverse ways to look at each area of your interests, profession, sport or business. Don’t limit your imagination and you certainly don’t want to judge your ideas already. Examine those which make you feel better, challenged and will enable you to provide value to people in that niche.


Take a look at them and decide which of them you should write first. Sometimes you can create a series of books related to a certain topic or area of profession. Look out for such opportunities. That alone will provide you enough book ideas to keep you occupied. Make the decision on what you want to write then move on to the next thing to do.

Nobody Likes boring so get a good book idea

Getting a great non-fiction book idea worth writing about and will attract enough attention from readers is the first step. You will need to further develop the idea into a book. This means a lot of things need to be done right.

Research is your savior

Even though you may be an expert in your field you may still need to do some research to back your ideas and recommendations. As you do your research, make some notes on anything that seems like a good idea that your readers certainly need to know about.

There are several ways to do research and find resources. You can use the following avenues;
1. Read a book in that subject area
2. Find and Speak to experts or read their blogs.
3. Attend a class.
4. Create a mind map of potential ideas.
5. Attend a conference on the subject.
6. Meditate on the subject.
7. Ask people interested in the topic what their most pressing problems are; Provide solutions to their problems, respond to their questions and make sure you provide them value in your book.

Discover the pain points that relate to this topic; ease them for people in the target market.
Determine what the largest benefits are that you could provide readers interested in this topic; provide them in your writing project.

Check out all the existing books on the topic; determine how to do a better job than the other authors (conduct a competitive analysis), and then outline that book.

Read articles on the non-fiction topic written in the last 3-5 years; put a new spin on those article ideas.
Look out for the books which already exist on the subject. Read them to find out what they do well and what they don’t do well on.

Find out the questions they are not able to provide answers for and try to answer them. Make sure to read wide so that you can make good arguments and provide better content to your readers.
Before you start writing your book, Outline the book. If you created a mind map it will be easy to create chapters from the related topics. Then off you write!

5 ideas for a successful non-fiction book

Starting off with writing a non-fiction book may seem overwhelming especially deciding on the topic. However, if you decide the type of book idea you would want to write on things may be made less difficult. Here are 5 non-fiction book ideas you should consider.

1. The Question and Answer Book

Considering you have become an expert in your area, people will almost always ask you certain questions. Which questions do they ask the most? You should consider writing a book which compiles and answer them in your book. The question could be about anything randomly from your area of expertise.

2. The How-to Book

How-to books are great and people love them. If you work in a field which has a lot of things which can be taught to a wide range of people through a book, why don’t you teach then? Write a book which teaches them how to do whatever it is that you decide. It may seem like you are actually giving away all your secrets but no. It isn’t. Once your readers realize how complex how your work is and that they wouldn’t be able to pull it off easily, they would feel more willing to pay you to help them. Writing a book also makes you an expert and you get paid as an expert. So why don’t you give it a try?

3. The Memoir or Biography

Stories of others often make good books. This is because of our interest in other people’s lives especially if you have a popular and exciting life. Great people have written their biographies to immortalize their stories. People like Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther, Gandhi and others are stories we always love to read about because they inspire us and tell of the potentials we have. It doesn’t necessarily have to be about you. It could be about your family or town. Add to local history!

4. __ Ways to do something book.

We always love a good book which teaches us how to do something like a pro. These books make things easy and simple for us.

5. The Mistakes Book

No one wants to do something wrong. We always want to right the first time. These kinds of books help us achieve them. They help us stay away from going about things the wrong way.

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