Don’t Quit Social Media, Do This Instead

February 23, 2022
social media use - good or bad

Over the past years, we have seen various concerns raised against social media and asking people to quit social media. Most use the argument that social media is harmful, distracting, and can cause health defects. As much as this is true, do we quit the world simply because bad people live on it? Do we give up on life because it has its own downs? 

I have carefully considered the various arguments and even written about social media. Some of them are why you should quit social media, the advantages, and disadvantages of social media, among other issues. And I have come up with one conclusion which works for me and can work for you too. 

The Role of Perspective and How Tools Are Used

Guns have been a source of upheaval in the United States for years. Recently, people were murdered in the #EndSARS demonstrations using guns. But what really were guns made for? How did they become weapons? It so happens guns weren’t even a thing. Gunpowder was in existence. In China, gunpowder was used for fireworks. Someone found a clever way to turn it into a weapon. But even at the stage of a weapon (That’s a tool), it can still be used for good or for bad, or simply used for nothing at all. 

In a similar vein, social media is a tool. It can be used for good bad or nothing at all if you decide to not use it or quit. But that will be the easy thing to do. 

Instead, what you can do is to use social media as a force for good, fighting causes and building your career. There are few things or tools without downsides or potential harm. We may be able to reduce the harm by focusing on who wields the tool and what their aims are.

Use Social Media For Your Career Advancement and Doing Good

Most people would hardly consider social media as a tool for career advancement. Neither will they see their active role in forming the social media culture and habits. All we see is, “It is being done to us”. Whereas we have an active role to play in making sure social media remains a positive tool.

Part of this is using it to build your career, develop your skills, build connections and influence the world positively. 

How To Use Social Media To Build Your Career

social media - productivity
  1. Set Your Goals and Objectives

First thing first, right? One of the main arguments against social media use (Quitting social media) is that it can be a great source of distraction. I think this issue deserves a different view. How many social media users have clear goals and objectives for their social media presence? We simply log in when we feel bored and log out when we feel gratified (averagely a couple of hours in a day). 

Shifting your focus to more concrete goals, time limits or regulations, objectives, you begin to watch out use and are able to tell if you are achieving your goals or not. It’s that simple. If your goal is to get clients, then you can easily tell if you are achieving that or not. 

If your goal is to connect with thought leaders, then you may have to build your brand to become likable and to connect with them. 

  1. Build Your Brand

Notice my use of the word “Build “. Whether you take your brand seriously or not, it is being formed and built by the things you do, what others say and thinks about you. Now, this kind of perception affects your chances of getting a job, landing that big client, getting a speaking engagement, or simply how others relate with you. Not posting anything says something about you. On the other end, posting also says something about you.

Take responsibility for building and influencing your brand else if left to the hands of others, it may turn out bad. It mostly does, or worse, remain neutral. Some may put it this way, love me or hate me but think about me. 

  1. Build Your Online Resume

If you didn’t know this, social media is the new resume. Some recruiters request your social media profiles for this reason. We learn all the nice things we must add to our CVs to get the job. So, recruiters look for where we act in our natural way. And where best to look than on social media?

If done well, social media can serve you well. LinkedIn literally does this. It can generate a Resume out of your profile which you can use to apply for jobs.

Your resume isn’t just your mix of skills, experiences, and qualifications but your social media posts and content you share. If a potential recruiter saw your posts, what would their impression be?

  1. Get a Job

I keep hearing that there are no jobs. But my response is usually, there are jobs, perhaps you just don’t have the skills. I literally see job ads on a daily basis. Mostly, more than one. I have friends who even share these jobs on their statuses. Facebook, LinkedIn, Tonaton.com, and many other huge platforms have made it easier to find and apply for jobs. So, what’s your excuse?

Yes, there may be cases where jobs are given to favorites but you can’t always dwell on such excuses because you need a job. You must make it your mission to find those that recruit fairly. Otherwise, build a strong network which will be of great assistance to finding a good job. 

I must stress that, make sure you have the skills, experiences, and qualifications required for your dream role. I can’t stress this enough. Most of us do not improve ourselves after completion of school. You can’t afford to do that in this fast-moving competitive world. You can’t. 

Sometimes your sin isn’t something you did, but something you didn’t do. That is upgrading, improving, and developing your capacity. 

  1. Get Clients

The basic marketing move now is to create social media pages on the relevant platforms. So let’s assume your business or personal brand has done this. Getting clients is very much possible and one of the easiest low-budget ways to actually do that. People have built strong businesses at the back of social media with minimal costs involved. In most cases, much of the cost goes into creatives and ads. 

  1. Build Your Network

We all need a network to rely on for various things. It may be professional, personal, or others. Social media is perhaps the easiest way to connect with almost anyone provided they are on one of the platforms. 

Most networks allow you to message others without limits. A good way to build your network and basically be able to do all the previous suggestions very well is to have a content plan. Posting out content gives you a better brand perception as others see you as an industry influencer and possibly thought leader. 

People will automatically want to connect with you when this perception is established. It also gives you leverage to have access to those who want to work with, learn from or simply connect with.


I hope this article has given you a refreshing view on social media and a new line of action on how to use social for good and also for building your career. Whenever someone yells “Quit social media,” tell them they can do this instead, “Build Your Career on Social Media”

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