Do I need a social media manager?

September 05, 2019
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Do I need a social media manager? Why you consider hiring a social media manager

Social media managers are incresingly becoming a necessity for most organisations and businesses. Social media has completely taken over the marketing space and companies are increasingly spending more money and resources on social media marketing. This is mainly because of the low-cost nature of running ads on social media and the return on investment (ROI) which these platforms bring to business and organizations. Research shows that most customers who comment about brand son social media do not actually follow those brands on social media. This spells a great need for brands and organizations to take their brand on social media into their own hands since those doing it have no idea what the companies have to offer in the first place which is bad for business. More and more brands are taking a more serious look at social media and you may be asking yourself if you need to be on social media. Truth is every business needs to. The fact that your competitors can easily get on board or are already on board should scare you. This is because they can easily create success without your competition.

Who is a social media manager?

A social media manager basically oversees the creation, implementation and tracking of results of social media marketing plans. This isn’t very simple as it seems. Developing a plan and implementing on social media will require a number of skilled staff to be very effective and to be able to achieve the required results.

I’m sure this already sounds overwhelming than you thought. But don’t worry. You can always outsource your social media to more specialized agencies and companies who have the time to do the detailed work for you. Social media managers first of all create a strategic plan, create content, interact with the brands audience, manage partnership with other companies on social media, tracks results and reports them back to the marketing manager for assessment.

This process typically involves writers, video production experts, graphic designers, strategists and other skilled people.

What does a social media manager do?

A lot has already been said about what social media managers. However, there is more to this role than already mentioned. It is ideal that the special media manager works with a team of skilled staff. These should have special knowledge in the various areas of doing social media.

In certain situations, the knowledge of a data analyst may be required to be able to make full sense of what the social media analytics data mean. Also, how it can affect the strategy of the brand. The social media manager coordinates all of the social media activities necessary for the company to succeed at its social media targets and goals.

What skills do they need?

If you are lucky to get a specialized social media manager, the individual should be able to come up with a solid plan based on research, best practices and the brands goals, the person would first and foremost need to be good with design. This is because content must be appealing to eyes of your audience. If this is missing, almost no one will engage with your content. That’s the facts. Writing is also a good skill that a social media manager must possess.

Others such as graphic design, video making, using relevant online social media tools, reporting and many others are all skills that a social media manager requires.

Why you need a social media manager (In-house or outsourced)

Fast pace of algorithm changes

Small businesses especially have no time to pay attention to small things like social media algorithm changes. Hiring an agency or an individual to manage your social media efforts ensures that you no longer have to spend time trying to understand how social media works. The expert would come in and do all that on your behalf. All you need to do is brief them on your brands goals and their targets then you can pay more attention to the core aspects of your business.

The need for a well thought out platform specific strategy

Social media agencies and managers are people who have worked with other agencies and already have lots of experiences in doing social media. They know what works and what doesn’t. They have the ability to develop a perfect plan based on your brands needs in short time and in great quality as compared to having to figure out everything for yourself at the company.

Reports and analytics

Due to the fact that they would have more time working on your social media than you would, they have the ability to pay more attention to what the analytics are saying and how they can incorporate that feedback into the overall strategy of the brand to achieve the targets they have been given.

All this done without your supervision and constant worry with how the results will be achieved. They can further develop detailed insights reports for you to incorporate into your company documents and reporting. It makes your work less stressful and easy by taking all of such responsibilities away from your daily schedule.

Time to focus on and do other more important things

This is very important to any company since you can only compete with what your product is. Just imagine an accounting company full of accountants trying to do social media in addition to their core activities? Having a social media manager takes all that away and allows the core team to focus on delivering accounting services to their clients.

Consistency matters

Social media is not a set up and then it’ll work for me kind of thing. It requires daily commitment which most companies cannot do. In that case, hiring an agency or an in-hose social media manager will save you the hustle and allow you to leverage on the managers time to create and post consistent content for the good of your brand.

Generate new leads and gain customers

Social media is where most people ask for recommendations and have serious exposure to brands, thus makes it the perfect place to capture leads and customers. This involves a lot of efforts since you would have to go to them if you want them as customers. Hiring an extra person to do that will provide you soc much value.

Hit your targets at low cost

Social media is known for its low-cost advantages. This actually allows brands and businesses to hit their various targets through aggressive social media marketing at low cost budget percentages.

Advantages of outsourcing your social media marketing

1. Costs less and provides more

2. Experience with other companies and readily be used

3. May have great ideas beyond what your culture provides

4. Stay on top of the changing trends of social media

5. Has experience with the tools needed for success in social media marketing

6. Allows you the time freedom to pay attention to core activities

7. Precision reporting, review and analytics

8. No worries about new staffing

Advantages of hiring and in-house social media manager

1. Knows the culture and how to implement it in the running of social media campaigns

2. They understand your brand, maybe better than a new person would


Whether you outsource or hire a social media manager, this article is to hand you the advantages of being on social media if you need a social media manager I hope I have achieved that and that you would either hire a social media manager or outsource your efforts in that regard.

By Enoch W. Kabange

My name is Enoch Weguri Kabange, I am the CEO & Founder of WordInspired Media. I am a dream chaser who has gained a wealth of knowledge in entrepreneurship and personal development over the past years through self-education. My mission is to inspire millions of people to become entrepreneurs by motivating them to their greatness that resides within them.

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