The hidden secrets to becoming an overnight Success

September 20, 2019
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The hidden secrets of becoming an overnight Success

Becoming an overnight success is what we most often hear about in the news. We hardly get to witness the real work while it was being done so we find it the success most people achieve as overnight.


I’m pretty sure you are reading this because you want to achieve success for yourself. Most people wish to become successful one day. While on their journey to what they call success, they fail to define what success means to them in the first place.


Such a lack of a real guiding definition of what success means to most people has driven lots of people into believing the myth of an overnight success. They have no idea how they are going to pursue their dreams and achieve success simply because they do not even know what success means to them.


Consequently, such individuals end up wishing for overnight success. I’m sure you pretty much know that overnight success is a myth. However, most people secretly yearn for it badly. This tendency to look for quick fixes and satisfy ourselves in the now.


Debunking Overnight success

Sadly, and at the same time, fortunately, overnight success does not exist. The closest to an overnight success you can get is winning the lottery ticket. The probability of this happening is 1 in 13,983,816. And we all know the odds for that to occur. It is almost impossible. The odds of working hard through the decades and becoming successful is actually more feasible than waiting to win a lottery.

Here are some sides to overnight success

  1. Mostly, what we consider an overnight success is actually a success story with lots of hidden scars, long hours of daily work and an obsessive commitment to a certain course for a long time. Then when the finally become successful and the media put the cameras on them, we say, “They’re an overnight success”.


  1. Also, some people achieve massive success at such a young age that we call them an overnight success. This goes to buttress the first point. Largely because many successful people are elderly has created the myth that we only become successful at old age. Most young successful people spend long hours working at their craft and years to become successful. This clearly shows they aren’t overnight successes but rather they worked for what they have now.


  1. Overnight is a pleasant thing. Contrastingly, attaining success isn’t pleasant even though its fruits are. Most people prefer to assume that other people found a secret door to success “Overnight”. People who achieve massive success work their heads off to make their dreams come true.

How to become an overnight success

  1. Hard work – First Rule of becoming an overnight success

Nothing can take the place of hard work. You can be as positive as the word itself. You can be well equipped for greatness and you can have all the knowledge you need to achieve success in a day but if you don’t take any action, I can promise you there is nothing good going to happen, simply because you took no action. It is just enough to take action. You must be smart. You must be adaption and proactive in your actions. Success comes to those who do what is required. So, must you do that. Not just your best.


  1. Persistence – Second rule of becoming an overnight success

Hard work is good. However, without persistence, hard work can only go so far. Persistence in all you do is a guarantor that you will be there to the end no matter what the odds. Being persistent means a great deal to become an “overnight success” because success often comes after a long period so sweat, blood, and sacrifice. It comes at a cost and you must be willing to pay the cost through hard work and a zeal full of persistence.


  1. Self-belief – Third rule of becoming an overnight success

The journey to success is full of stumps, problems, and hurdles. Without the self-belief to keep moving when everyone is against you, without the strong mental focus and without thought that one day shall be your day, you will give up just like other countless others have done.

  1. Vision – Fourth rule of becoming an overnight success

There is basically very little hope for the person without vision. Success would be a very blur scene for such an individual. Vision is the ability to see far into the future things you dream of. In this essence, a vision is something with is far from reality. How can you maintain belief in something vaguely possible as something you only imagine in your mind? This where belief comes in. If the vision is strong, so will the belief in it.

  1. Patience – last rule of becoming an overnight success

Overnight success as already debunked, doesn’t exist. The word should be patience. This doesn’t mean, “Sit and wait for your success”. Rather, it means working and keeping at the back of your mind that”, It is just a matter of time” Patience will allow you to work long hours and periods without expecting instant results. Our current generating has fallen prey to the microwave mentality. We expect everything to happen at the snap of a finger. Unfortunately, success doesn’t work that. Unlike pizza delivery or making payments, success takes effort.


The greatest bane of patience: Instant gratification

Instant gratification is the desire to have pleasure in the now. This is contrasted with delayed gratification. Delayed gratification is when we are able to delay instant pleasure or satisfaction to the future. This phenomenon reveals our deep desire to want things in the now, fast. Technology has helped make many things to be automated so that fast services can be offered. Machines work in the seconds. Computers are now way faster than decades ago. The concept of instant gratification is totally against that of patience. Where patience says, “Future”, instant gratification says, “Now”. This is the bane of patience. Becoming an overnight success means learning and developing the habit of delayed gratification.


How to deal with instant gratification.

Instant gratification is an almost natural thing because of how carelessly we often develop our habits. It would take some amount of good conscious effort to get over it entirely. It doesn’t mean it is impossible but it is hard.


1.Understand where you want to go and what it is you want

You cannot get where you don’t understand or have an idea about. Know your vision to the teeth. Know what it takes to get there and the sacrifices needed to get there.


2. Decide and plan to get there

Decide what you want to do, how to do it or how to get there and prepare a plan to get there. Plan for hurdles and obstacles. Know that plans are tested in the implementation so you would need to expect that as well.


3. Expect hurdles and prepare for them

There is no such thing as a perfect plan. Plans are meant to be tested by obstacles and hurdles so expect them and plan ahead. Have contingency plans and make sure to adapt when things change.


4. Draw up a reward system, even for small achievements

Decide how you are going to reward yourself for each milestone achieved


5. Watch your thoughts

It all depends on the thoughts you have. If they secretly still yearn a quick fix, crave instant pleasure and expect things to just happen, you need to work harder. Start on a daily basis to monitor your thought flow. Change the instant gratification thought in their racks before they develop into a giant you will find difficult to slay.


Success lessons for those who wish to live the “Overnight success” life

  1. Success is a journey and not an end and destination in itself

  2. Fail your way to success

  3. Know your priorities from time stealers

  4. Don’t sacrifice health for wealth

  5. Learn to utilize change and take risks


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Hard work – First Rule of becoming an overnight success

Persistence – Second rule of becoming an overnight success

Self-belief – Third rule of becoming an overnight success

Vision – Fourth rule of becoming an overnight success

Patience – last rule of becoming an overnight success  [/sc_fs_faq]

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