Enoch Weguri Kabange

Hey there. My name is Enoch Weguri Kabange. I am the CEO & Founder of two companies, WordInspired Media and Alien Media. I am a dream chaser who has gained a wealth of knowledge in entrepreneurship and personal development over the past years through self-education. My mission is to inspire millions of people to become entrepreneurs by motivating them to their greatness that resides within them.

On this website, I help young aspiring African entrepreneurs build their dream business by sharing practical businesses insights, proven strategies the relevant resources they need to succeed.

My little life story and journey so far…

I was born in Navrongo in the Upper East region of Ghana. I grew up as a very curious person even though I Hardly showed it. I would look up stuff I didn’t understand and ask questions when it needed to. Most of what I learn is through observation and experience. I always wanted to be a programmer but I found a filed that intrigued me even though I can still make use of some programming knowledge in that field. I fell in love with marketing. This opened doors in the area of entrepreneurship and I started my first company WordInspired media. I loved the idea of being an inspiration and motivation to others. This drove my passion to creating a media company around that passion and called it Wordinspired Media. I started WordInspired in 2016 when I was in my first year of University of Ghana. Prior to that, I created quotes since 2015. That was how I spent some of my time after completing Notre Dame Senior High School in Navrongo, my hometown.

My second business Idea came in my second year but it took some time to become real since I felt I had so much to carry then. Looking back now, I wish I’d started. Getting started is always the best thing to do. When you are thinking of doing something which has the potential to change your life, just do it! So Alien Media came to life in 2019. My team now helps businesses and brands create digital assets which can deliver them higher visibility and enable them to grow like never before.

I always consider myself an entrepreneur. I remember back at primary school. My family traveled to my hometown for the Christmas break. We came back with some baobab fruit we collected from Navrongo. I brought some to school and soon got to know that a lot of my friends wanted it too. So, you know what? I sold it to them. We lived close to the school so I quickly rushed home during break and brought back to school every single baobab fruit we had. And guess what? I sold them all. I returned home that day with a feeling I had never had before. I took advantage of the demand and I made sure to get them the supply. There was more demand that made me wish I could go back to the village to get more baobab fruit.

I love for writing came as a surprise. I wrote good essays and had good results in English but I never considered myself a writer or someone capable of creating good write-ups. However, I started experimenting with writing when I started Wordinspired because I had to. I did it even though I felt I wasn’t good enough. Down the line, I got praised for my articles. This gave me a boost and I kept writing. I still don’t consider myself a writing expert but I know that what I have to share is more important and must be shared even if I am not good at writing.

Down the line…

I believe in enlightenment. I hate to be ignorant and not know how to do something. This explains most of my ventures because I don’t want others too to be in a position I was in before I got to be enlightened. I seek to share the knowledge I have gained even if it is little. Information is now a commodity and the person with the best information gets to win the race.

Join me on this journey of enlightenment. I’m grateful and thankful to you for believing in my content and sharing in my vision for the enlightenment of the world. You can always reach me by contacting me.

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