5 steps to writing your first book!

The thought of becoming a writer can be very glamorous. This isn’t always how the real story unfolds if you examine the lives of others. It takes work. It is easy to imagine writing a book in a few days, getting published and making it an instant bestseller. This is a fancy story. It takes writing a paragraph which may be crappy then progressing to pages, chapters and complete books. This may take time and it is work.

As you dedicate to write more and more often you make your craft better and better each time whether you know it or not.

How to really write a book

As a writer, you would need to commit to three things. These are getting started whether you are prepared or not, staying motivated throughout the writing process and making sure you get that book finished and published. These may seem very obvious but it isn’t that simple.

Several other have had the courage to start but get stuck somewhere and can’t more on. So, it may be simple but it isn’t so easy to do. Nobody will hear of the book you almost got completed or wrote and never published. The manuscript would rot somewhere with no one ever knowing about it. Besides, your book which contains your ideas deserve to be read, to help others. So, what does it take to write a book? Relentless work ethic!

Step 1

We all have to start somewhere. With writing a book, the first phase is made up of four parts:


Make the decision on what to write about

There can’t be any progress if you don’t know exactly the message and topic you want to write on. You first have to sit down and consider the idea or message you want to communicate to your readers. Write the main idea in a sentence from which you can create and outline of chapters all related to that one message. You can then start to develop the individual chapters.

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To make it easier to write, breakdown the chapters to point that you consider are important for that chapter.

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Focus of your message – how it starts and how it ends.


Create a daily word count goal

Sometimes being busy can make things difficult. Being busy however should not prevent you from writing. If you really want to write you are sure to find time to do it. If your day is busy, then you can wake a little earlier to write a few paragraphs. You don’t have to write a full book in a day. All you need to do is maintain a regular and frequent writing habit. This helps with your flow and getting things done. A page a day gives you about 300 words to write. Setting a daily goal limit and sticking to it will help move closer to having a complete book each day almost effortlessly.


Set a total word count (For the entire book)

This is straightforward. Decide on the total number of pages you want the book to contain. This will help you determine your daily word count goal when you are working with a schedule.


Decide on a specific time of the day to write

Writing every day helps you to build momentum and fuels your creativity. It keeps you in continuous reflection of what you are doing therefore allowing your mind to create better ideas. Deadlines are a great way to ensure this. Once you have your daily word count goal, you can estimate how long it would take to write your book depending on the number of pages you want your book to contain. Make sure to not over work yourself. Take time off your writing and reflect.


Write at the same place each and every time

Select a specific place you want to do all your writings. It could be a public place, your room or a desk. It could be anywhere you are comfortable to write. This should be a sort of writing sacred place. It should immediately put you in the writing mood. So, once you walk in it your mood should be tuned to writing. Make sure not to try to think too much about what you are writing as it can stall your progress and keep you from writing anything. Writing crappy pages is better than nothing at all.

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Step 2

Now, it’s time to get down to business. Here, we are going to focus on the next tips to help you get your book completed

Write consistently

It wont always be as exciting to write as the excitement you had when you first got the idea to write.

You would have to write without inspiration and inspiration will show up.

Take frequent breaks from writing

It common to run with an idea when writing only to fall flat and never seem to recover. This Is often because we don’t allow some time off to rest and refuel. Procrastination finds us an easy prey if we overwork ourselves. There would come a time we prefer to just it off to another time because we overworked ourselves without the required rest.

Starve distractions, feed your focus

Don’t fall for social media neither should you fall for email. Stay focused when writing. Look for tools and ways to help you stay tight away from your distractions. Some writer even takes vacations without devices simply to do away with distractions. You do not have to take a vacation but you do need to starve your distractions and feed your focus.

Write where others are writing

You may find it difficult it writing by yourself. What you can do is get to where others are also writing, working or serious with their own stuff not to bother or be a distraction to you. Make sure others there are being productive which compels you to be productive as well.

Don’t edit as you go

Write out whatever you have to write first. This will prevent you from self-judging what you have produced. Judging your work in a bad light can discourage you from proceeding so make sure to write than you can edit later. You would have a lot to edit when the time comes too.

Give yourself weekly deadlines

In line with your goals that is daily word count and book page number, create a set of weekly deadlines which matches your overall goal.

Get early feedback

Feedback is very necessary as you write your book especially if it is a novel or fictional work. What’s worse than not writing your book is writing only to have to rewrite it. Share it occasionally with friends and family and ask for their feedback. You can start a blog and publish some of your ideas for early feedback. Your friends may not want to discourage you with feedback but the internet sure can give you what readers will think.

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Step 3

Only write one chapter at a time
When writing a novel, you can write and publish a chapter at a time using platforms like Wattpad, kindle series or through your personal email contacts.

Write a shorter book

The thought so writing a 600 paged book makes it a daunting task to start with. Deciding to write a small book gives you courage that you can complete it.

Keep an inspiration list

An inspiration list is what you need to get going.

Keep a journal

Keeping a journal will help you fuel your inspiration anytime it comes or you get an idea. Write down all ideas you have whether they are complete or not and whether they make initial sense or not. Just write them out. You can sort the good from the bad and the relevant from the irrelevant later.

Step 4

Commit to shipping

Writing a book isn’t enough. You need to get it published and into the hands of readers, the world.

Embrace failure

Once you get it out of your hand into the world, focus on your next step. Finishing is the hard part so expect that. Accept any failure and feedback that may come from the book. It’s a learning process.

Step 5

Write another book

The work involved in Writing your first book is enough to make you not interested in writing another one. This may be because of the mistakes you made, the feedback and other reason. But hey, you should get on and look forward to your next book. There are several benefits which far surpass the handwork it takes. Writing helps clear your mind and thinking. Writing can help you become a deep thinker. Much of today’s society does passive thinking but not writers.

7 Steps to Writing Your First Book

1. Make the decision on what to write about
2. Write consistently
3. Only write one chapter at a time
4. Commit to shipping
5. Write another book


Just write! There is nothing else to say.

5 steps to writing your first book!
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5 steps to writing your first book!
It takes writing a paragraph which may be crappy then progressing to pages, chapters and complete books. This may take time and it is work. You have to invest your time and resources (which includes mental) to writing and becoming a good writer. As you dedicate to write more and more often you make your craft better and better each time whether you know it or not.
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